Die casting molds

The specific expertise of the die casting process makes of DLP Technologies a leading partner in design and manufacturing of molds.

Die casting manufacturing expertise contribute to optimizes the molds performance and durability. It also guarantees the respect of the design specifications, providing complete satisfaction with the tools being produced.

  • Design of complex molds
  • Manufacture of complex molds with mechanical or hydraulic drawers
  • Manufacture of trim dies
  • Maintenance, repair and modification of molds
  • Substitution of parts (insert, core pins)
  • Manufacture of prototype molds

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We produce tools for a wide array of applications, including the automotive industry.

Patterns and permanent molds

The knowledge, related to gravity molding numerous processes makes of DLP a leading supplier in design and manufacturing of fully machined patterns or permanent molds.

DLP Technologies offers :

  • Design of machined plates models
  • Manufacturing of machined plates models or permanent molds
  • Manufacturing of a core box
  • Modification or tool repair
  • Prototypes patterns

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Plastic injection

The knowledge and expertise, related to mold manufacturing makes of DLP an ideal provider to assist you in making injection mold project. We can manufacture the complete or part of your molds.

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